The Ultimate Blackjack Tour

Blackjack tournaments are not all that popular, at least compared to poker tournaments. However the Ultimate Blackjack Tour is trying to change that. They are hardly the first to attempt to make blackjack into a spectator event but they do seem to have a better chance of success than most of their predecessors. This is mainly because they have addressed most of this issues that were hurting a blackjack from a spectators standpoint. Continue reading

Online Blackjack

There are a number of exciting online blackjack games available for keen Slow Play Poker players. These titles – which range from the traditional to the bizarre – give online casino members the opportunity to indulge their love for the simple game of 21.

There are two types of online blackjack at Slow Play Poker Casino: traditional games and bonus-filled varieties. Each title offers not only a memorable experience, but also the chance to walk away with an impressive cash prize. Continue reading