Brick and Mortar vs Online Casinos

The last post covered the debate between downloading an online casino’s software or simply playing online. But, let’s say you haven’t decided whether or not to try online casinos yet. You enjoy going to land-based casinos and are afraid that online casinos may be too much or a waste of your time. Hopefully, this post will convince you otherwise. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Your Winnings at Casinos

The cold hard truth is that sometimes people win, but a casino doesn’t pay out on a technicality because of a violation of their terms and conditions. This is a straight forward notion, but one that cannot be stressed enough. Over 60% of the time when there’s a problem cashing out winnings, it turns out to be the player’s fault because they didn’t read or understand the terms and conditions of the online casino where they were playing. A casino has the right to set forward whatever rules and restrictions they like. It’s their establishment, and they have every right to put forward their terms for letting you ‘in’ to play in their establishment. Some have conditions that are stricter to adhere to than others. Continue reading